EPC for Domestic
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We can carry out an Energy Survey even if you are not selling your home, whatever type of property you own.
If you wish to find out how energy efficient your home is by using a recognised and approved methodology we can help.
By taking some simple measures as recommended from the assessment you can potentially save hundreds of pounds.

Low-energy lightbulbs. These last up to 12 times longer and use around 80 per cent less energy than traditional filament bulbs. Hot water tank jackets. These cost from around £10, and can cut heat loss by around 75%. Loft insulation. Fitting insulation that is at least 250mm thick could cut heat loss by around 30%. Cavity wall insulation. If you have unfilled cavity walls, installing insulation could cut heat loss by over 30%.

For a EPC or Personal Survey for your home contact us or book online.

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