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EPC's for Commercial Buildings
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What buildings are affected?

Many buildings will be affected by the introduction of Commercial Energy Performance Certificates in the future, these include:
• Retail Units
• Shops
• Industrial Units
• Hotels
• Offices and small business premises

What’s happening when?
1st July 2008 all Commercial buildings over 2500 square metres,which are the majority, will require a Non Domestic Building Energy Performance Certificate on construction, rent or sale.

1st October 2008 all remaining Commercial buildings over 500 square metres will require a Non Domestic Building Energy Performance Certificate on construction, rent or sale.

The Process to obtain an EPC
The process to obtain a Commercial Building EPC is more complicated and time consuming for the assessor than for a domestic property. The assessor uses a programme called SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) to produce the EPC. This requires a lot of data gathering and input including floor plans and measurements, general details about the uses of each part of the building, the heating, ventilation, hot water, windows, lighting, building fabric etc.
Once all the data is input an EPC is produced.

Every Commercial building is different, some more complex than others with different heating,cooling and ventilation systems, different construction methods and of course vastly varying in size. For this reason it will be necessary to visit each site before providing a quote for the assessment. Each building will need to be fully surveyed in accordance with the information required by the Energy Performance Certificate and therefore the size and complexity of the building and the availability or otherwise of information about the building from the owner will determine how long it takes to produce the EPC.

Qualified Energy Assessors
Only energy assessors qualified and accredited in Commercial Building Energy Assessment may produce a Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificate.
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Commercial EPC